The Reasons Why You Have to Visit Makassar City

Do you look for the wonderful place where you can enjoy your free time in the best way possible? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to go to makassar city. It is because this particular city can offer you so many great things that will amuse you so well. Well, there are actually some other reasons why you have to come to Makassar. So, let’s check them out below.

There are some other reasons why you have to visit makassar city that you better know. They are like:

  • It can offer you the marvelous views

One of the reasons why you have to come to Makassar during your holiday time is because it can offer you the marvelous natural views. There are some wonderful natural destinations in the city, such as Losari Beach, Samalona Island, Bantimurung National Park, and so many more still. The sceneries of all of the places will definitely drop your jaw. Aside of that, each of them can also offer you the different nuances that you might search all this time. In the other words, you will feel so relaxed and clam as you enjoy the fresh water and air there. So, in the end of the day, you can make your body, mind, and soul get refreshed nicely.

  • It has so various delicious food to offer

Then, the other thing that makes you have to come to Makassar is its super delicious food. This particular city is such a paradise for you who are really a great food lover. Actually, there are so many options of food that you have to try when you are having a vacation in the city. Some of the food can be likecoto Makassar, seafood, jalangkote, pisang epe, es pisang ijo, Toraja coffee, and so on. All of those dishes will definitely spoil your tongue because of its extraordinary delicate taste. Even better, it can be so much perfect if you enjoy the food while staring at the beautiful views of the city.

  • It has many historical sites to explore

Last but not least, there is one more reason why you have to spend your holiday in Makassar, which are its historical sites that are ready to get explored. Some of the sites that you can add to your list are the Rotterdam Fort, the Somba Opu Sulatn’s Fort, the Grave of Sultan Hassanudin, and so on. Then, you can go to those places, so that you can get a lot of things to learn in order to find out about the city more. By doing so, you might feel that the more you know about the city, the deeper you will love it.

After putting it all together, there are several reasons why you better come to makassar city every time you have a spare time. All of them will make you realize that all the things that this city can offer to you are something you cannot find anywhere else. So, it is clear that you will never regret visiting this place for sure.

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