T Shirt Style Based On Personality

Wearing custom t shirt sometimes will be able to bring up your tempraments. This is because with customize t shirts our self, we can better customize t shirts to be fit with each personality. As so many people often say, what we wear can increase our attractiveness or decrease our attractiveness. When what we wear fit with our individual personality, then our temprament will be able to appear stronger. But finding something to wear that suits each personality is not easy. The easiest way is to create our own t shirt design so it can be fit precisely when worn.

But apparently, make design baju to be fit with our personality is not as easy as imagine, but also not as difficult as it seems. In customizing the t shirt with each personality, need to look at the overall style of the t shirt. Some things to note is the screen printing, color, and t shirt model itself. If you need some advice on adjusting the tshirt printing whether in style, color, and screen printing, here are some suggetion for t shirt style based on each personality for you.

  1. Bright and Cheerful personality : For you who have bright and cheerful personality, printing baju with fullprint design would be very fit. Moreover it will feel better if the fullprint t shirt using bright colors such as yellow, red, blue, and so forth. Another option for you is gildan t shirt with bright t shirt color, along with giving a touch of screen printing with a choice of bright colors.
  2. Easy and Relaxed personality : For those of you who tend to be easy and relaxed, cetak baju with with t shirts with gildan and regal style would be a good choice. If you want a touch of screen printing on your t shirt, you can give a touch of screen printing that is not too crowded.
  3. Firm and Formal personality : For those of you who have firm and formal personality, wearing t shirt with gildan dan polo style will be suit better. When you order on printing malaysia, You can also give print on the t shirt But can give a formal impression. The perfect color for this t shirt style is color that is not too bright such as brown, dark green, and so on..
  4. Steady and Calm personality : For people with steady and calm personality, print tshirt with dark color will suit better. For the t shirt style, you can use gildan and polo style.

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