How to Make Your Own Design for Custom Print Fabric Using GIMP

If you have particular fabric designs or patterns that you have dreamed of for a long time, now you can make it by yourselves. Creating your own designs for your own future printed fabric can be fun! You can mix and match color and motifs that you want to apply. In fact, there are a bunch of photo editors like Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkspace or GIMP. That software is free of charge. In this opportunity, we would like to show you how to make your print fabric design using GIMP software. These steps are easy to follow even for beginners.

After you finish downloading the GIMP software, install the software and open it to design your own print fabric design. The first thing that you should decide is the size of your fabric design. For example, we would like to create a canvas of 1180 pixels length and 1000 pixels width with stripe fabric design. This size of your design is important in order to measure the repeat pattern which is important before textile printing. Click File > New and click again on the drop-down box, select cms and enter your custom measurement. Then, click on Advanced Options and for both the X and Y enter 150 pixels.

Next, you need to create a layer by selecting Layer > New Layer. Select the foreground color option and click OK. You can fill the canvas with your desired color. This time I have chosen black. Then, Select Tool Box > Select the Bucket Fill Tool, click this to anywhere to the canvas. Next, I would make horizontal lines by clicking Filters > Render > Pattern > Grid. After that, choose the color, spacing, and thickness each chevron. You can custom your design and it is really up to you to choose. Then, I want to convert the horizontal lines into V shapes by going Filter > Distort > Ripple. Select the options which are Antialiasing, vertical, Smear, and Sawtooth. Then you can custom the following options including Selected, Amplitude and Phase Shift. This action will dictate the shape of your stripes.

Once you have final chevron pattern, then save it, go to File > Export As > select file type (PNG) then click Export. Your own design is done and it is time to print your own printing fabric. There are various websites which offer yours with digital print fabric services like SpoonFlower and Woven Monkey. Have a nice try!