Famous Spanish Wedding Dresses Brands

Each country has its own wedding designers, brands, fashion houses, and whole fashion industries, but all this fades before the Spanish masters, who certainly know how to please the bride, unravel her dreams, and embody them in a wedding dress.


Pronovias Dubai deserves to be the first in the list of Italian wedding brands in Dubai. In every corner of the world this brand is known as it produces the most exquisite and magnificent dresses for brides.
The outfits are recognizable due to fine work, the use of the most refined lace, and elite materials.
The company was headed by the great designer Manuel Moto (until 2013).

Rosa Clara

Rosa Clara specializes in producing bridal gowns and all kinds of accessories for a wedding image. The history of the brand started quite modestly when a wedding boutique was opened in Barcelona. At that time, no one could think that in a while the great designers with world names will cooperate with the brand.

Today, Rose Clara is no longer just a wedding brand, but a whole company, under the auspices of which several wedding brands are united.

Manu Alvarez

Manu Alvarez is a brand that represents the world of Italian wedding fashion. The dresses of this brand combine ideas of two designers, the Manu Alvarez himself and his partner Franc Sarabia.
Andalusia with its southern climate, special atmosphere, and mood inspires designers to create masterpieces. The result is a symbiosis of elegant lines and light fabrics with magnificent silhouettes, romantic notes with rich embroidery, which is created solely by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Avenue Diagonal

Avenue Diagonal belongs to the Pronovias Fashion Group (the largest Spanish fashion empire); moreover, this brand is its most outstanding participant. Dresses from this brand feature unique Pronovias style complemented by unique trends and exclusive strokes. Each dress surprisingly embodies refinement and high artistic style; all this is complemented by classical principles and modern elements.

White One

White One stands out from all Spanish brands with its democratic policy, which makes dresses from Pronovias Fashion Group available to a wide range of brides. At the same time, all the high quality standards, which are approved by Pronovias, are preserved and strictly observed. Along with this, each new White One dress has its individuality.

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